strategic storytelling and reportage

through photography and writing

for enterprises, non-profits, publications and more


A former journalist with extensive policy communications and international humanitarian advocacy experience, I work with clients to identify their communication goals and produce content that serves those needs. 

What is “strategic storytelling”?

Whether you lead a global campaign for a worthy cause or a small innovative startup, your endeavor has emerged from real lives, real needs, and an opportunity to improve on those realities. You want to grasp and hold your audience’s attention, move and inform them, and persuade them to action. To build momentum, you then want to share a compelling record of those changes as they happen.

Through the range of services I offer, I help identify and develop your message into effective resources that convey those stories for timely and lasting impact. 

What are some examples?

The final product depends on the needs of the client.

Basic website content is the urgent starting point for some clients. 

Others require a complete package, such as a full-length research report incorporating policy recommendations, magazine-style feature articles reported from the field, a series of brief human-interest blog posts, and photographic essays to accompany them.






My lens seeks light, the unexpected, and the dignity of the human soul regardless of circumstance. I strive to make photographs that convey the essence of a moment, a space, and especially the people who allow me to share those moments with them. I particularly enjoy capturing perspectives and elements that are often overlooked.  Each project is unique and full of possibility to create memorable and meaningful images that tell a story. 

I enjoy partnering with clients to identify their goals, understand their needs, and develop a joint vision for the results. I have been privileged to work with world-class organizations as well as with individuals and families across ages and economic circumstances.

When you need someone to tell the story of your milestones and endeavors through pictures, drop me a line here.