• identify communications strategy and content needs
  • analyze media risks and opportunities
  • develop messages and mitigate communications risks

strategic communications consulting:

  • research and write original content

examples: in-depth policy and advocacy reports, journalistic articles and interviews, educational materials

  • adapt technical content for policy-makers, consumers and other audiences
  • ghost-write 


  • edit print and online content 
  • fact-check
  • review grant proposals 


Sectors of expertise include: 

health sciences and medicine

international development

child protection

global public health

disaster relief/crisis response

human rights 

What editing services do you offer? 

In substantive editing, I review or revise existing written material for overall clarity of content, logic and continuity. I address weaknesses such as wordiness, misuse of language and inconsistencies. By its nature, any editing or revision also includes some copy edits to correct basic errors. Once beyond the stage of extensive rewriting (if necessary), a final review includes copy edits.

For grant proposals, as for other material, I also look for ways to polish the narrative and hone the rationale to better highlight the client’s strengths.

I use Associated Press style unless otherwise specified or required by the nature of your project. 


What is the “visual images” part of grw:view? 


You can browse my portfolio on the website. (Please do!) It spans news and event coverage, travel and lifestyle features, and other markets including portraits and products. 

(To clarify, I’m neither a graphic designer nor web designer, but if that is what you require, I can recommend some great counterparts in those areas of expertise and would gladly coordinate with them or your in-house team to bridge those services with written or photographic content.)


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